Things That Will Make Your Brakes Squeal All the Time

We here at J&S Auto Repair recommend that you get your brakes inspected annually or every 12,000 miles. This allows us to catch minor problems before they become big trouble. One sign that your brake system is having problems is if it squeals all the time. When you apply the brakes, you shouldn’t hear or feel anything other than your automobile slowing down. If your brakes squeak or squeal, any of the following problems could be the reason behind the noise.

Smooth Rotor Surfaces

You may have heard a mechanic or a friend mentioned something about getting rotor surfaces recut. The rotors and the brake pads press together when you apply the brakes. The rotor surfaces are cut to be rough. After about 60,000 miles of pressing against the brake pads, the surfaces on the rotors have smoothed out. This will make your brakes squeal until you get them recut.

Old and Worn Brake Pads

The brake pads also wear down each time you apply the brakes. Once they reach a depth of 1/4-inch, they must be replaced. Most brake pads have a sensor that will make noise once the pads have reached this depth. This could be why your brakes make noise every time you use them. If it’s been over 30,000 miles since you’ve had your pads replaced, it’s likely time to do so.

Missing Pad Insulation

If you just had the brake pads replaced and your brakes have been squealing ever since, it’s possible that you don’t have any brake pad insulation. This insulation is designed to prevent the brake pads from squealing. When it’s missing, it’s only natural that the brake pads will make noise. We can inspect your brakes to see if the insulation is missing.

Broken Anti-Rattle Clips

Another thing that helps prevent the brake pads from squealing is the anti-rattle clips. These clips hold the brake pads in place against the calipers and prevent them from moving when you apply the brakes. If a clip has broken, that brake pad will squeal when you use your brake system. Naturally, replacing the broken clip will solve the problem and your braking will be silent again.

Brakes That Are Too Hot

Finally, when your brakes get too hot, they will squeal. You can also detect that the brakes are too hot by picking up on strange odors coming from your wheels. Usually, overheating brakes smell like burning carpet or burning chemicals. Do not drive your automobile if the brakes are overheating.

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Photo by Apriori1 from Getty Images via Canva Pro