Get Better Gas Mileage the Next Time You Fill Your Tank

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Today, getting the most miles out of a full tank of gas is important to everyone. You need to save money where you can, so why not employ a few tips to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy? J&S Auto Repair is going to list some fuel-saving tips below that will help you get the most out of your gasoline or diesel fuel. These tips are also recommended by AAA.

Drive Using Your Cruise Control

Unless it is raining or snowing outside, use your cruise control when you are driving. Even the steadiest of feet cannot maintain a consistent speed as well as your cruise control can. Maintaining a consistent speed is critical to improving your fuel economy. Slight changes between the speeds uses up more gasoline. Use your cruise control when you are driving fast enough to do so to save gas.

Avoid Traffic and Other Idling

There are ways you can avoid traffic and you should whenever possible. One way to avoid driving in the rush-hour grind is to adjust your work schedule so you are working either earlier or later. You can also avoid unnecessary idling by purchasing a fast pass if you drive on toll roads. Avoid idling in other situations, as well, such as when you are waiting for your turn in a drive-thru.

Plan Your Trips to Make Fewer Trips

Consolidation is key when it comes to saving fuel. Rather than drive all around town making a ton of stocks here and there, find a strip mall or shopping center that has everything you need in it and go there. You will save gas or diesel fuel if you park your car in the parking lot and run your errands on foot. This is also healthier for you, as well.

Take it Easy On Your Car, Truck, or UV

Aggressive driving burns excess fuel. Driving too fast, weaving through traffic, starting fast, and braking hard not only wastes fuel but also makes life hard on your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine. It is important to take it easy on your automobile. The slower you drive the more fuel you will save. This doesn’t mean you should drive below the speed limit but it does mean you shouldn’t drive unnecessarily fast.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Finally, keeping your vehicle maintained will improve its fuel efficiency. This boils down to one simple fact: an efficient engine is a fuel-efficient engine.

We can help with the latter here at J&S Auto Repair in Warwick, RI. Call us today to schedule a service appointment.

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