Engine Problems with J&S Auto Repair

Whether you are just starting your car or are on the road – engine problems are often as scary as they are preventable. Problems can start with sluggish performance and escalate to engine failure or smoke billowing out of the engine. J&S Auto Repair fixes everything, and your hometown Warwick, Rhode Island dealer ready to help with routine maintenance. We love to keep you moving and get to work right away to fix any issues you are having.


Routine Maintenance and Engine Problems

People love vehicles that drive with no problems for many years and many miles. Your vehicle does need regular maintenance to achieve being driven for years without leaving you stranded. Engine problems are often a result of missed maintenance though aged vehicles tend to have problems more often, even with maintenance.


How can I tell I have a problem?

There are many symptoms of engine problems. Most vehicles are smart enough to offer a check engine light for when problems are creeping up. You shouldn’t ignore a check engine light. Bring it in the J&S Auto Repair and we’ll help! Otherwise, problems are often associated with oil. Oil is vital to your engine to keep fast moving parts from rubbing against each other in a negative way. An oil leak, dirty oil, or not having enough oil can quickly cause major problems that damage the engine. 


Many engines sputter or provide an oil light if you are getting low on oil. Another way to tell is simply opening your hood and checking the dipstick when you are getting gas, especially if you have an older vehicle with potential problems. Look at your driveway or parking space too and see if oil is leaking out.


Engine performance is an obvious sign. If your vehicle is making unusual noises, bring it in to J&S Auto Repair right away and our ASE Certified Technicians can help diagnose the problem. We offer clear communication and friendly prices, as well as financing, especially for major problems.


Other engine performance problems can come in the forms of gaskets or seals. One indicator that the seals that hold compression together in your vehicle are bad is that you might not have working heat in the vehicle, or the heat only works when traveling at higher speed. 


About Us

J&S Auto Repair is family owned and loves working on all makes and models. The owner, Joe Hoyle, has a goal of helping keep the Warwick community’s vehicles running so you have the freedom to go where you want to with a vehicle that runs well. We also offer same day repairs on most issues as well as loaner vehicles and a shuttle service to keep you going. Our warranty is also very generous at 5 years, 50,000 miles – because we want you to trust us and our parts – it’s all about peace of mind and keeping our customers safe in their vehicles.