Know What to Check on Your Car During the Fall!


Do you love fall weather in the Warwick, RI area? It can be pleasant to finally have a break from the heat of summer! Plus, we can enjoy the natural beauty of colorful leaves- what a treat! Along with the cooler temps and beautiful surroundings, we will have the addition of lots of rain! Is your car prepared for the changing road conditions? Now is the time to get your vehicle ready for anything Mother Nature throws at it. Want to know how you can equip your car for fall weather? We have some answers!


Keep Your Brakes Working Well


Have you ever tried braking hard on a wet road? It’s challenging to come to a stop quickly and even more so when your brakes aren’t functioning well. To ensure that you can drive safely as fall rains increase, bring your car in to us here at J&S Auto Repair if you hear any strange noises when you brake. It might be time to work on your pads, rotors, or drums. 


Test Your Lights


As we move into fall, our days will be getting progressively shorter, and we will depend on our lights more to help us see the road. To check all of your lights, you will need a friend to help you spot. In your driveway or a parking lot, turn the key in your ignition to the “on” position. (You don’t need to start the car.) Have your friend check your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals in the back and front. If you’re unsure how to replace a burnt-out bulb, J&S can help you put in a new one!


Check Your Tires


Aside from your brakes, one of the most critical elements that will help keep you safe on slick roads is your tires. If the tread on your tires is considerably worn down, it will be time to get new ones. If some tires are slightly more worn than others, then a rotation may be in order to help them wear evenly. 


The outside of your tires is not the only thing you need to check. What’s happening inside is of equal importance! When temperatures drop, the air inside your tires condenses, causing a fall in the PSI of the tires. If your tire pressure is low, air them up to prevent blowouts on the road. 


If you need help getting ready for fall and winter weather in the Warwick area, J&S Auto Repair is here to assist you! We have a team of certified technicians who know just what your car needs as the weather changes. Call us with questions or to make an appointment at (401) 732-6070.

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